Art of Bath

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Art of Bath

Only by conceiving our urban and domestic environments as akin to nature, by making them permeable and transparent to it, can we reconcile the modern lifestyle with the most elementary human need – which is also man’s deepest aspiration – to feel part of a whole that far exceeds our cities’ boundaries, or the walls of one’s home.

If urban reality is modern man’s natural environment, then interior designers are gardeners who fashion private spaces in the ecosystem of forms, colors, impressions, materials, cultures and sensibilities that make it alive.

They are the inventors of aesthetic grammars which hold together the individual and the universal in each single expression. Their creations are tools of perception that radically change your relationship with the world and yourself.

GRAFF’s designer faucets and shower fixtures bring a new way of enjoying water and life, and pay homage to the most precious natural resource of our planet. They celebrate the same great creative force that raised skyscrapers as well as rainforests and take you to the ideal point where nature, man and technology meet, on the common ground of pleasure and beauty.

They make your bathroom a unique space to be in, like a new dimension that needs to be experienced before being explained. A dimension of wellness and excellence.