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Marion D'Antonio, IMAO DESIGN


My name is Marion D’ Antonio. I’m a French interior designer. My associate Philippe Mamann works with me in our company, IMAO Design. We work in Paris and have had the privilege to work on the Black Door project next to the Champs-Elysées. On this project, we have 35 apartments, but we also have a swimming pool and a spa. We rebuilt everything. We chose GRAFF collections everywhere, in the kitchens, in the bathrooms, but also downstairs in the spa. I love to work with GRAFF because there’s a very large selection. When I draw a bathroom, what I like is to get a very warm atmosphere and to feel good. It’s the intimacy of an apartment. I’ve used GRAFF for 10 years almost, and it’s a very new brand in Paris. They offer a large panel of faucets, but what I like is very simple. It’s discreet and elegant. In fact, it’s hard to work on a project like this, so we really need good service and support to be sure to finish the program on time. My experience with GRAFF is very good, so I’ll go on with this brand, of course.